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Looking After Hedgehogs During The Winter

Looking After Hedgehogs During The Winter

Dec 12, 2023

As the temperature drops and the nights draw longer, our gardens become a sanctuary for a variety of wildlife seeking warmth and sustenance. Among these charming visitors are hedgehogs which are loved by many. Unfortunately, as winter descends, these prickly companions face a daunting challenge in finding enough food to survive the harsh cold.

Hedgehogs are true hibernators, and during the winter months, they seek out safe, sheltered spots to hibernate. However, contrary to popular belief, hedgehogs do not hibernate continuously; they occasionally wake up and need to forage for food to sustain themselves.

Feeding hedgehogs during the cold weather is vital to their survival. 

As natural food sources become scarce, providing supplementary nourishment can make a significant difference in helping these endearing creatures thrive through the winter.

Why is it so important to feed hedgehogs during cold weather?

  • Maintaining Body Fat: Hedgehogs need to accumulate enough body fat to survive hibernation. A steady supply of food in the lead-up to winter is crucial for them to reach a healthy weight.
  • Supplementing Natural Diet: Insects, their primary food source, become scarce in colder months. By offering suitable food, we bridge the gap and ensure hedgehogs have enough to eat.
  • Survival Support: A well-fed hedgehog has a better chance of surviving harsh conditions and waking up from hibernation healthy and strong come springtime.

What should you feed hedgehogs in winter?

  • Specialist Hedgehog Food: These are nutritionally balanced and designed specifically for hedgehogs.
  • Wet Cat or Dog Food: Offer in moderation as a supplement, preferably in meaty or poultry-based varieties.
  • Unsalted Nuts or Dried Mealworms: These can be beneficial in small quantities.
  • Fresh Water: Always provide a shallow bowl of water to ensure hedgehogs stay hydrated.

How can you support hedgehogs in your garden?

  • Create Safe Spaces: Offer sheltered areas using log piles or purpose-built hedgehog houses.
  • Leave Wild Patches: Allow parts of your garden to grow wild to encourage insects and provide hiding spots.
  • Check Before Tidying: Before clearing up debris or raking leaves, inspect for hedgehogs nestled in these areas.

Here at Superpet, we have a full range of food that has been developed with our little spiky friends in mind. Click here to view our range of Hedgehog foods:  Search results for “hedgehog” – Superpet Limited

Remember, it's crucial to feed hedgehogs responsibly. Avoid feeding them bread, milk, or any food that could be harmful to their health.

By taking a few simple steps to provide food and a hospitable environment, we can help hedgehogs navigate the challenges of winter. Together, let's ensure these delightful creatures have a fighting chance to thrive in the colder months.

Let's make our gardens a haven for hedgehogs this winter!


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