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Fleas Are Not Just For Summer

Fleas Are Not Just For Summer

Dec 12, 2023

Hello Pet Lovers!

At the time of writing this latest blog, many of us will have had our central heating on for a good few weeks. Did you know though, that it’s not just us humans who like to stay warm and cosy in the winter? Fleas also love it when the central heating kicks in!

It’s a fact that whopping 95% of a flea infestation takes residence within your home, while those pesky fleas on your pets are merely the visible fraction? Although flea activity might diminish during the winter, it never truly comes to a halt—especially when central heating becomes an open invitation for these pests to thrive.

It's a common oversight for many pet owners to diligently treat their furry companions for fleas (more so in the summer),  but overlook the crucial step of treating their homes. However, as soon as the central heating kicks in, it provides the perfect environment for fleas to move in. 

Having fleas doesn't mean an unclean house; rather, it's about understanding the life cycle of these bothersome insects.

The adult fleas lay eggs that scatter far and wide, hatching into larvae, seeking refuge in snug spots such as carpets and furniture and ultimately metamorphosing into pupae. This is a continuous cycle. To effectively rid your home and furry friends of fleas, it is crucial to not only treat your pet for fleas, but to also treat your home. 

So, how do we combat these resilient fleas? 

At Superpet, we have put together the ultimate 'flea-fighting' bundle to get rid of the pesky little mites once and for all. 

Our Johnson flea range offers individual products available for purchase via our website. Alternatively, opt for our Johnson Ultimate Flea Fighting Bundle to enjoy substantial savings of a remarkable £22.00.

Here's what is included in the Flea Fighting Bundle: *

Bundle Contains:

  • x1 Dual Action Multi Use Spot On For 4 Week Flea Protection Worth £8.75
  • x1 6 Pack Johnsons 4Fleas Tablets For 24 Instant Flea Kill Coverage On The Animal Worth £9.69

Remember, fleas can be resilient pests. Consistency in your treatment plan is key—whether it's a combination of products or a two-step routine. Any gaps in treatment provide fleas with the opportunity to reignite their infestation.

For added protection against these persistent pests:

  • Regularly wash pet bedding in hot water.
  • Vacuum on a regular basis as this will help keep fleas at bay.
  • Use to comb and detection kit to detect the fleas
  • Use the tablets to kill the fleas on the animal
  • Use the spot on to protect against fleas for 4 weeks**
  • Flea Bomb your house this will kill the fleas in contact with the spray
  • Flea spray the hard to get areas with the 600ml IGR spray

A flea-free home is a happy home and here at Superpet, we've got all the essentials to guarantee your home remains a haven free from fleas!

Shop our Johnsons Ultimate flea bundle here:  

*all products are also available to purchase individually.


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