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Preparing Your Pet for Summer Travel

Preparing Your Pet for Summer Travel

Jun 6, 2024

As summer approaches, many of us look forward to holidays and road trips. If you're planning to bring your furry friend along, it's important to ensure their comfort and safety throughout the journey. Here’s a comprehensive guide from Superpet to help you prepare your pet for summer travel.

Planning Your Journey

Research Pet-Friendly Destinations:

Before you hit the road, it's essential to find pet-friendly accommodations and attractions. Look for hotels, parks, and beaches that welcome pets. Websites and apps dedicated to pet-friendly travel can provide valuable resources and reviews from fellow pet owners.

Check Travel Regulations:

Ensure you are aware of any travel regulations that apply to pets. If you're travelling abroad, check the requirements for pet passports, vaccinations, and quarantine. Each mode of travel – car, plane, or train – may have different rules, so it’s important to be informed and prepared.

Packing Essentials for Your Pet

Travel Crate or Carrier:

A comfortable and secure travel crate or carrier is a must for your pet's safety. Choose one that is well-ventilated and appropriately sized for your pet to stand, turn, and lie down comfortably.

Hydration and Nutrition:

Pack enough water and portable water bowls to keep your pet hydrated throughout the journey. Bring sufficient food and treats, and try to maintain your pet’s regular diet to avoid digestive issues.

Comfort Items:

Familiar items like favourite toys, blankets, or bedding can provide comfort and reduce anxiety during travel. Don’t forget travel-friendly grooming supplies to keep your pet looking and feeling their best.

Health and Safety:

Prepare a pet first aid kit with essentials like bandages, antiseptic wipes, and any necessary medications. Ensure your pet’s ID tags are up-to-date and bring a recent photo of your pet in case they get lost. Carry copies of your pet’s medical records, including vaccination history.

On the Road

Car Safety:

For car travel, it’s crucial to restrain your pet using seat belts or travel crates to prevent injuries. Keep the car well-ventilated and offer water regularly. Plan for frequent breaks to allow your pet to exercise, use the bathroom, and stay hydrated.

Avoiding Motion Sickness:

To prevent motion sickness, avoid feeding your pet a large meal right before the trip. Use car-safe pet calming products, available at Superpet, to help reduce anxiety and keep your pet calm.

Air Travel with Pets

Pre-Flight Preparation:

When flying with your pet, book a pet-friendly airline and understand their specific requirements. Acclimate your pet to their travel crate well before the flight by letting them spend time in it at home.

During the Flight:

Ensure your pet is comfortable during the flight by lining the crate with absorbent pads and providing a familiar toy or blanket. Discuss with your vet about possible calming options if your pet gets anxious during flights.

Arriving at Your Destination

Settling In:

Once you arrive, create a comfortable space for your pet with their familiar items. Maintain their routine as much as possible to help them adjust to the new environment.

Exploring Safely:

When exploring your destination, always keep your pet on a leash in unfamiliar areas. Be mindful of local wildlife and potential hazards to ensure your pet’s safety.

By planning ahead and taking these essential steps, you can ensure a safe and enjoyable trip for you and your pet. Enjoy your summer travels and make wonderful memories with your furry friend.

Visit us at Superpet for all your travel essentials and more tips on keeping your pet happy and healthy on the road. Stay safe and have a fantastic summer!

Best regards,

The Superpet Team

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