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Earn Rewards

Superpet Limited Rewards Club:
We have found some developing and browser issues with our rewards system hosted by YOTPO. SO we thought to make this little information sheet on how to sign up and redeem the points!
You need to be a signed up member to redeem all purchases, and you need to be signed in using an email address every time you place your order.
If you can see the below:
You can sign up by click the sign up button in the top right corner of the screen, if you cannot see this do not worry, you can just click on the little man next to the search bar and check out basket icon, see below:
Once you have signed up, you can ONLY access the rewards portal via this "Earn Rewards Click Here! Easy Discounts" Banner. This will float at the bottom centre of the screen and will be on every page.
Some users cannot see this, and this is due to browser issues and developments issues to which we are trying to work on.
If you use Firefox you need to make sure "Enhanced Tracking Protection Is Turned Off", you can locate this in the URL bar at the top of the screen, see below:
Once this is switched off, refresh your screen and you will see the rewards banner appear.
We are working on other browsers, but you will need to generally play around with the cookies and tracking on your browser, which for some reason prevents our rewards system from appearing.
You will then see this screen when you have clicked on the "Earn Rewards Click Here! Easy Discounts" Banner.
When you get here, just sign in, and convert your points to a handy code you use at the checkout, this will then deduct the value from your basket!
Happy Shopping, any further issues please feel free to reach out to us on:
01202 483797